QikPASS Overview

QikPASS is a state of the art Patron ID Scanning system chosen by many of Australia’s leading venues to help deliver:

Safer venues: instantly recognise your visiting patrons – the good guys and the bad guys – with a full suite of VIP, Banned and Watch list functions.

Improved sales: regularly connect with your patrons through the inbuilt promotional and marketing tools to drive more sales.

Improved business intelligence: up to the minute insights into your regular patrons and sharpen up your sales efforts.

Improved compliance: reduced incidents, better reporting, reduced licencing issues and all within a system that’s fully compliant with all aspects of current and developing privacy legislation.

QikPASS Features

  • Mobile, tough and extremely easy to use
  • Floor standing or wall/bench mounts
  • ID Scanning module to capture all recognised Australian and International Proof of Identity documents
  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi enabled but will work offline even if your internet fails
  • Official Ban, Venue Ban functions that can be shared amongst a number of venues
  • Secure Online Portal with a versatile suite of management reports and admin functions
  • iPhone/iPad app to manage all day to day functions on the go
  • Fully Compliant with Australian Privacy Legislation
  • Designed and built in Australia by local technology and hospitality industry experts, to suit your needs


QikPASS Specifications

QikPASS size:

Height: 245mm

Scanner case: 265 x 180mm

Height: 1640mm

Base: 450 x 380mm

Desk/Wall Mounted
Floor Standing
Desk/Wall Mounted
Floor Standing

QikPASS Queensland

QikID has developed a solution for the Queensland governments Safe Night Out Strategy and is an approved supplier of patron ID scanning technology for this initiative.

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QikPASS Support

Log a new issue or monitor an existing issue by submitting a request here QikPASS User Manual

QikPASS Client Testimonials

  • "We chose QikPASS because it’s the best available tool to help us improve our compliance and marketing efforts."
    Greg Turton

    General Manager and licensee World Bar Kings Cross

  • "We chose QikPASS because we wanted a system that would do more than just ID – the marketing and promotions tools have helped us to drive sales and improve our results."
    Steven Speed

    Operations Manager Coogee Bay Hotel

  • "We chose QikPASS because it fits perfectly with out needs. It's easy to use, fast, efficient and effective."
    Jeremy Milner

    General Manager Ivy Sydney

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