QikPASS Overview

QikPASS is a state of the art Patron ID Scanning system chosen by many of Australia’s leading venues to help deliver:

Safer venues: instantly recognise your visiting patrons – the good guys and the bad guys – with a full suite of VIP, Banned and Watch list functions

Improved sales: regularly connect with your patrons through the inbuilt promotional and marketing tools to drive more sales

Improved business intelligence: up to the minute insights into your regular patrons and and insights that allow you to sharpen up your sales efforts

Improved compliance: reduced incidents, better reporting, reduced licencing issues and all within a system that’s fully compliant with all aspects of current and developing privacy legislation

QikPASS Features

  • Mobile, tough and extremely easy to use
  • Floor standing or wall/bench mounts
  • ID Scanning module to capture all recognised Australian and International Proof of Identity documents
  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi enabled but will work offline even if your internet fails
  • Official and Venue Ban functions that can be shared amongst a number of venues
  • Secure Online Portal with a versatile suite of management reports and admin functions
  • iPhone/iPad app to manage all day to day functions on the go
  • Fully Compliant with Australian Privacy Legislation
  • Designed and built in Australia by local technology and hospitality industry experts, to suit your needs


QikPASS Specifications

QikPASS size:

Height: 245mm

Scanner case: 265 x 180mm

Height: 1640mm

Base: 450 x 380mm

Desk/Wall Mounted
Floor Standing
Desk/Wall Mounted
Floor Standing

QikPASS Queensland
Approved by Queensland Government Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation

QikID has developed an approved solution for the Queensland governments Safe Night Out Strategy and is also an approved supplier of patron ID scanning technology for this initiative

QikPASS Support

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